Our Vision

Rahma Campaign - the Arabic word meaning compassion/mercy - aims to undo the stigma associated with losing hope or being unwilling or afraid to ask for help. Cancer is not a death sentence.

Our Mission

Rahma plans on supporting cancer patients, their families and caregivers through overcoming the physical, emotional and eventually financial burdens of their diagnosis. We aim to alleviate the concerns and social burdens that often limit survival success rates and equip sufferers with the positive attitude to do so.

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Patient Stories

RAHMA - Cancer Patient Care Society

“The most amazing time of my life” Raquel Soeiro is a 34-year-old Portuguese expatriate. She is a stay-at-home married mother-of-one who found out she had cancer last year. THE....

- Raquel Soeiro, 34, Breast Cancer Survivor

RAHMA - Cancer Patient Care Society
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