Rahma Cancer Patient Care Society

Cancer Patient Care Society (CPCS) – Rahma

Rahma aims to offer care, services and information to help cancer patients receive treatment and information about cancer, while educating the community regarding the types, causes and prevention of cancer. It also aims to provide financial and psychological support to patients both during and after treatment, and to mobilize human and financial resources to deliver this support. Furthermore, the Society seeks to build a comprehensive database of the best hospitals and medical centers in the world specialized in treating cancer detailing their locations, contact details and the types of treatment they offer.

Rahma Activities

  • Create a free hotline (800-90) to provide help to cancer patients around the clock, seven days a week, in both Arabic and English. Calls will be answered by experienced operators capable of assisting patients, their relatives and friends by providing information regarding types of cancer and appropriate treatments. Calls can be made at any time and be of any duration. Rahma guarantees the confidentiality of these calls
  • Launch an interactive website and social media pages through which the members of Rahma and cancer patients can communicate and help can be offered in the form of donations, information or personal experiences from other patients who have courageously struggled with the disease.
  • Design a Rahma app, which can be downloaded to smart-phones for free.
  • Mobilizing society’s human resources to attract volunteers and members to join Rahma.
  • Mobilize financial resources by collecting donations, sponsoring activities and fundraising.
  • Organize media awareness campaigns to educate the community and raise awareness about the dangers of cancer and the importance of early diagnosis
  • Activate a communications network utilizing social media to connect patients with members of the community, as well as between sufferers and those in remission.
  • Offer group treatment sessions to provide psychological and moral support.
  • Organize sport and art activities to promote awareness about cancer and mobilize additional resources
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