Rahma Cancer Patient Care Society

Why Do We Donate to the Cancer Patient Care Society (Rahma)?

A lot of people suffer from cancer in the United Arab Emirates and around the world. They need financial and moral support and health and psychological care as part of humanitarian and social solidarity. Voluntary societies play a pivotal role in assuaging the pains and suffering of these patients. This is what Rahma endeavors to achieve. The Society was established in Abu Dhabi to serve this noble purpose, taking into account the efforts being made by the United Arab Emirates to fight cancer, support those suffering from it, and spread awareness regarding the disease.

His Excellency Dr. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi, Director General of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) and Chairman of Rahma, emphasizes that the Society has taken up a very noble and humane task that cancer patients in the UAE and the rest of the world need urgently. Rahma follows global standards and tries to live up to its targets based on civil and humane UAE values and traditions, which do not discriminate on the basis of color, religion, or race, whatever the circumstances.

To further enhance its role and performance, it is inevitable that the Society gets involved in building channels of communication between cancer patients and their families and friends. It also needs to extend a helping hand and be supportive, encouraging and compassionate with those who have been cured of cancer.

 Why Do We Need the Society?

Rahma is a public utility society. Therefore, we need to launch campaigns to collect the money required to cater to the needs of cancer patients. The care that the Society aspires to provide requires a great deal of funding, which may not be possible unless all kinds of resources are mobilized. We also endeavor to provide voluntary contributions and psychological assistance, among other things. Contributions can be made through the website of the Society www.rahmacancercare.com, and we can be reached via email at info@rahmacancercare.com. The Society’s account number in the Union National Bank is: 011099034737 with IBAN number : AE830450000011099034737

The materials that facilitate Rahma’s efforts may require periodic and constant financial aid and will be utilized for participation in social events held during cancer patients’ care days and on religious occasions. This way, cancer patients and their families will be made to feel that the whole society is taking care of them and embracing them. Charity work can also be done by visiting cancer patients and their families and presenting them with different forms of assistance and gifts.

Activities and Funding

Initially, the Society’s funding shall take the form of a grant-in-aid provided by the government of Abu Dhabi. The Society can then strengthen its capability to make auto-financing sources available through donations and charities given by benefactors, donors, and volunteers.

Target Financers

Rahma sets its sights on all categories of sponsors (the terms of sponsorship, designations, and benefits given to them can be provided on request) as well as ministries, municipalities, authorities, companies, institutions, economic projects, hospitals, health centers, charities, UAE banks, businessmen, individuals, doctors, volunteers, publishing houses, production institutions, malls and hypermarkets and the likes of these outside the UAE. Special attention will be given to cancer patient care centers and societies.

Funds for Organizing Activities

The required amount of money to be raised is dependent upon the amount already available and the amount which is employed to meet the declared targets of the Society based on its principles and priorities. Furthermore, the more funds are raised, the more chances there are to achieve as much of the targets of the Society as possible.

When Do We Need These Funds?

We need these funds to fully and firmly establish the Society, achieve its targets and continue our efforts with the help of sponsors and donors. There is a chance for the well-to-do in the UAE to become honorary members of the Society. This will ensure a constant supply of funds to charitable activities of the Society.

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