Rahma Cancer Patient Care Society


H.E Nora Jamal Al-Suwaidi


H.E. Nora Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi is the Director General of the Cancer Patient Care Society (CPCS)–Rahma; which was founded by virtue of Executive Council Secretary General Resolution No. (13) of 2015 and UAE Ministry of Community Development through its issuance of Resolution No. (760) of 2015.

Al-Suwaidi received her bachelor’s degree double majoring Public and Community Health and History in the United States from Tufts University in Boston and obtained a Master’s of Science Public Health Promotion (MSc) from King's College London. She is also an advisory member of the United Planet Foundation, an international humanitarian organization based in Boston USA that is dedicated to raising awareness and supporting cross cultural relations.

Prior to her position as Director General of CPCS–Rahma, Al-Suwaidi served as an HSE senior professional and public health educator with the government of Abu Dhabi. She has published a number of articles regarding public health affairs and has steadfastly advocated the promotion of health education. With a particular emphasis regarding cancer and its various risks, through Al-Suwaidi’s guidance, CPCS–Rahma also seeks to play both a positive and effective role in spreading awareness throughout the regional, Arab and international communities about cancer and its risks, treatment and means of prevention.

She is committed to assisting individuals in obtaining the best possible health care, and works relentlessly in her bid to support medical research efforts and to raise the level of awareness amongst individuals and the UAE community regarding various health issues.


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