Rahma Cancer Patient Care Society

Art Therapy is a Creative Distraction to Cancer Patients

Performing Arts

Since the kickoff of regular performing arts events in November 2015, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has hosted more than 110 events through two different programs. The first type is a background performance on the ground floor of the clinic. These performances are diverse, including not only Western repertoire and instruments (flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, harp, guitar), but also the culturally relevant instruments of the Middle East (oud, qanun, tableh). The second type of performance was launched in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation: the Alhan Recital Series. The concerts provide patients, family members and caregivers the opportunity to experience premier regional talent in a recitallike atmosphere within the hospital. Greg Bonanno, Events and Conferences Associate, coordinates these events for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

Visual Arts

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi received a donation from artist Steven Naifeh: three sculptures and two works on canvas. In 1975, this Arab-American artist was honored with the first solo exhibition at the Embassy of the United States, composed exclusively of works created in Abu Dhabi. Each of these works reflects a connection between the op art and geometric patterns that are commonplace in the arts, designs and architecture of Arab countries.

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