Rahma Cancer Patient Care Society

Breast Cancer Day Event

Al Watba Center

Monday, October 23, 2017 | 10:0 AM

Raising awareness of the importance of exercise to prevent breast cancer. 
Focus on the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer. 
Enable a number of women to spread early detection culture. 
Changing some common and wrong concepts about breast cancer?

Targeted: Women and girls of all ages, both infected and non-infected
Effective date: October 2017
Place of implementation: Al Wathba Center

1. Conducting a panel discussion on World Breast Cancer Day
          Hosting the Cancer Patient care Society - RAHMA for the Care of Cancer Patients and a number of specialized doctors from the Health Authority.

Topics of discussion:
Contribute to the education of the community and awareness of the seriousness of cancer and its causative factors and methods of prevention
Educate family members and friends about how to best support, support and care for cancer patients
Changing common and false concepts about cancer.
Review the work of the Society in the care of cancer patients and mobilize community resources to serve and support cancer patients by opening the door to volunteer and join the association
Provide information to help patients better understand the nature of cancer and the most appropriate treatment options
Provide a comprehensive and integrated database on the best treatment centers specialized in the treatment of cancer globally

 2. Special events for clinical examination and self-examination

Activities for clinical examination and explanation of self-examination in three centers distributed in the three regions (to be determined later), according to the centers where clinics are available, especially in cities and remote districts to take the directives of HH the President.

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English Language